Faith Explorers
Supporting our Youth in Mind, Body and Spirit

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month (check out our church calendar for more details) we have "Faith Explorers" for kids ages Kindergarten-5th grade from 10:45-11:30am. Older youth are welcome to come help lead. Parents are invited to stay and build community with one another over a cup of coffee or tea. If you're a parent who likes to attend the 11am service, please do so. We'll bring your kids over to the sanctuary once Faith Explorers ends so they can join you for communion and the end of the service. 

Our curriculum changes every year based on the needs of the kids and concerns of parents. Currently, we wonder and explore different Bible stories, connecting them to topics such as social justice, spiritual practices, and social-emotional learning. 

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Worshipping Together

We invite all ages to participate in worship. You can sit anywhere in the sanctuary during worship, but we know that it can be helpful when kids have a space they can call their own. We have two areas that are specifically made for children in our worship space. 

PrayGround & Liturgical Library: Here, There are different activities to choose from that are connected to various parts of the worship service. For example, a "Prayer Sloth" whose arms you can wrap around you during the Prayers of God's People, water toys to play with during a Rememberence of Baptism, and streamers for dancing and singing. Kids can also choose to color or play with playdoh if they need something to keep their hands active. It is towards the front of the sanctuary, and we find this helps with kids' level of engagement. 

A wiggle room: This room has a window and speakers connected to the sanctuary. There are toys for the young ones in our congregation who like to play. We find this room especially helpful because of the restroom directly connected to it and because it is an enclosed space. For kids who like to crawl and move around a lot, parents can feel a little more at ease. 

Youth Ministry

6-12th grade

We greatly value our children as well as our older youth at Holy Trinity. We believe those of all ages have much to offer in the enrichment of our spiritual community. For our middle and high school students specifically (grades 6 – 12), we have a wide range of year-round activities for them to participate in as a part of their individual spiritual journeys.


Our middle school students (grades 6 – 8) are invited to attend Confirmation classes. Confirmation is a traditional rite of passage, also known as "Affirmation of Baptism," in which one learns more about the Christian belief system and values and then declares his/her/their personal place in the faith. Alongside this, our Confirmation students have gone on multiple weekend outings like the Middle School Youth Gathering and Winter Camp. For more information, feel free to contact our Associate Pastor/Youth Director Rev. Emily Ebert.

Youth Group

Both Middle and High school-aged youth (grades 6-12) are welcome to join our growing group. We typically meet on Sunday evenings throughout the school year from 4:00-5:30 PM. Please sign up for our weekly Children, Youth and Family email update to receive the monthly schedule.

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Summer Trips and Experiences

Every summer the Holy Trinity High School Group goes on a summer trip that focuses on cultural experiences, service, and faith formation both as a group and as individuals. A summer trip is a crucial part of this ministry allowing the youth to also expand their world views. Past trips have been to the Lutherhaven Bible Camp in Idaho and both ELCA National Youth Gatherings in Detroit and Houston.

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For more information about any of our youth ministries and volunteer opportunities, please reach out to our Associate Pastor, Emily Ebert.

Contact Pastor Emily about this year’s trip!

Summer Camp

For those who are interested in sending their child or teen to a summer camp getaway that’s packed with fun and rooted in faith, then the camps offered by Lutheran Retreats, Camps & Conferences might be a great fit for your family. With a week full of crafts, outdoor adventure, singing, and making new friends, camp is bound to be a highlight in your child’s summer and a great memory for their future. Family camp is also offered during Memorial Day weekend every year.