Young Adult Group
A group of 18-35 year olds figuring out adulthood, faith, & life together.

Our young adult group meets at least one time per month. (See the church calendar for upcoming events.) Sometimes we meet for Bible study, but we've also played Dungeons and Dragons, gone hiking, out to lunch, and other fun outings. It all depends on the month and what folks are interested in doing. Interested in joining? Contact Pastor Emily!

(Pictured to the right was a hilarious afternoon playing Dungeons and Dragons together, a first for about half of the group.)

Life Groups
Living Life Together through connection, encouragement, and spiritual growth.

A Life Group is 6 to 12 people who typically meet on Zoom, anywhere from 45-75 minutes one evening a week—and yes, it is fine to miss sometimes. Time is spent building relationships, talking about the sermon from the last week, and what is happening in our lives. We currently have two Life Groups on Wednesday nights and one
on Sunday night. We hope to start a fourth life group in the near future. 

On Sunday morning, we collectively sing, worship, listen to the sermon,
have communion, and pray, but we don't always have time to truly engage with one
another. In a smaller group setting, we can talk about what is going on deep in our
hearts and minds, be encouraged by one another, and explore our faith

In Life Groups we get to know people on a different level—in a fun and grace-
filled environment. Would you like a few church friends that you can talk to about life and spirituality? People you can confide in? People you can laugh
with? Friends that are authentic and care about you, your life, and your faith?
We are all on different journeys in life, both in our relationships with people
and in our relationship with God. Together, we can learn how to lean into our
faith through all the complexities of life.

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Bible Studies

Bible studies can vary by season, with additional studies occuring during Lent and Advent, however you can join the Tuesday morning Bible study at anytime throughout the year. 

Tuesday morning Bible study from 10:30-11:45 (Hybrid format - contact the church office for a Zoom link.)