Worship this summer

Worship this summer

Worship in June, July, August

There are few things we’d like to note about worship over the summer.

You’ll see Vicar Amanda Berg preaching every couple of weeks. While Pastor Erik is on sabbatical, Amanda has agreed to be a part-time ministry assistant. She’ll be offering pastoral care, helping with a few regular weekly tasks, and preaching on various dates. We’re so excited to have her. She brings many gifts to the table as a spiritual director, seminary graduate—currently awaiting her first call—mom, spouse, and all around amazing person. Thank you Amanda!

We’ll continue to serve communion over the summer, and more often. If you are available to help serve wine during communion, your assistance is greatly appreciated. We’re building back up our volunteer list, so we hope you’ll sign up. Go to htlcto. org and click on the button that says “Help with Worship.”

Lastly, we usually use the Revised Common Lectionary as the basis for all of our readings on Sundays. This summer we will focus on some of the lesser known stories. Utilizing a resource called “Faces of our Faith,” by SanctifiedArt, we will take a look at stories like the Daughters of Zelophehad and Queen Vashti. You can pick up a study journal/ devotional booklet on the summer series in the narthex. We look forward to diving into these stories and thinking about the many faces of our faith.

—Pastor Emily

9:30 AM: Informal Worship

11:00 AM: Traditional Worship