“What Does the Bible Say About Racism?” – HTLC Mid-week Bible Study

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What Does the Bible Say About Racism?

Did you know that the Bible has been used to justify slavery?

Did you know it has been used to justify segregation?

The Scriptures were interpreted by Confederate pastors and have been used by white supremacists to continue racial perceptions that have kept African Americans oppressed.

Is that really what the Bible was meant to do?

In our next Bible study we will look at how Scriptures have been used in different ways when it comes to the topic of racism.

Our topics include:

Does the Bible Condone Racism?

Does the Bible Condone Slavery?

How the Bible has been used to Justify Race-based Slavery

Was Jesus White?

Passages on the Evil of Racism

A Way Forward

We will use the book, The Bible and Racism, by Chase Thompson. He is a husband, father, writer, pastor, and college professor. He was born in the 1970s in the middle of Birmingham Alabama, one of the epicenters of racism. He used to think that the best way to handle racism was to try and act completely neutral to skin color, and to personally work on not being racist himself. He thought that might be enough, but after a conversation with one of his African American friends a few years ago, he realized that maintaining a quiet neutrality about race and racism wasn’t going to cut it. That started him on the journey of writing his book and digging into the Scriptures.

You can purchase the book The Bible and Racism on Amazon or on the author’s website at www.ChaseaThompson.com.

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 —Pastor Erik

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