“Walk to Bethlehem”

"Walk to Bethlehem"


This Advent season I invite you to join me in the “Walk to Bethlehem Challenge.”   I heard about this idea a few years ago from a Lutheran pastor who challenged his congregation to walk the same amount of miles that Mary and Joseph would have walked over the days leading up to Christmas. Depending on the source, it is estimated that the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem would have been between 80 and 100 miles, so I will make the goal to walk 90 miles.  If a person begins walking each day from November 30 to December 24, that comes out to 3.6 miles a day

As part of my goal to walk to Bethlehem, I would invite people to give a pledge per mile as a fundraiser, to raise money for hotel vouchers for Harbor House.  Because of COVID, our normal winter shelter program at Holy Trinity and the other participating churches will not happen this year.  Instead, on especially cold nights, vulnerable people from the homeless population will have access to a hotel room, with the help of grants from the county and gifts from Harbor House.  Every dollar raised for my walk will go to help fund hotel vouchers.  Just as Mary and Joseph received shelter from the generosity of the innkeeper, your gifts will help provide shelter for local folks in need.  

I invite you to join me in this walk as well, this Advent season.  You can make the 90 miles a fitness goal or you can also reach out to family and friends to raise money for hotel vouchers as well.  If you are not a walker or not sure about making the goal, then I would invite you to participate by supporting me in my fundraising goal of $1,000.   You can make a pledge per mile or you can give a one-time gift.  Checks can be made out to Holy Trinity.  In the memo line please write “Walk to Bethlehem Challenge.” We will collect the funds and send a check to Harbor House at the end of the walk.  


You can also give online at our website.

Go to: www.htlcto.org

Click on the green GIVE button.

Scroll down and select “CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN ONLINE DONATION”    

On the form, go to the “miscellaneous” line and type in “Walk to Bethlehem.”

Let’s prepare for celebrating Jesus’ coming this Christmas by remembering the journey that took place before his birth and remembering those who need shelter today.

-Pastor Erik