“Walk to Bethlehem”

"Walk to Bethlehem"


After two weeks, I have walked 50.4 miles on my way to the goal of 90 miles before Christmas, which represents the distance Mary and Joseph would have walked between Nazareth and Bethlehem. If you are doing the challenge, how far have you walked?  Even if you are doing a goal less than 90 miles or haven’t started yet, I would still encourage you to start now or do a smaller goal.  How ever far you walk, it is good for the soul and body to get out for some exercise.  It can also be good for some prayer time as well. 


This picture is of a statue of St. Francis I see on one of my walking routes.  St. Francis was a saint known for his connection to animals.  It reminds me to be thankful for God’s creation.  Is there something you see on your walks that reminds you to be thankful?


Take a picture and email it to the church office with a caption so we can share it with the congregation!


Also, don’t forget to help us with the Walk to Bethlehem fundraising challenge.  You can write a check to Holy Trinity and write “Walk to Bethlehem” in the memo line or give online at our website with this link:  Holy Trinity online donation  


-Pastor Erik

You can go to our website to give online.

Go to: www.htlcto.org

Click on the green GIVE button.

Scroll down and select “CLICK HERE TO MAKE AN ONLINE DONATION”    

On the form, go to the “miscellaneous” line and type in “Walk to Bethlehem.”