Tuesday Morning Bible Study ∙ 10:30 AM

Tuesday Morning Bible Study ∙ 10:30 AM


Does the Bible Promote War and Bloodshed?

Many of us like to associate the Bible with the message of love and peace that Jesus brings, but the Bible has lots of passages filled with violence as well. How do we deal with those parts of Scripture that seem to promote or glorify war?

Join us for a four-week series as we dive into sections of Scripture we don’t usually hear read on Sunday mornings. Help us discuss these difficult passages and discern what God’s word might be saying to us as we explore stories we might like to pretend are not in the Bible.

We will meet in person on Tuesdays at 10:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall on the dates listed below.

Masks are optional.

An online option is available. Let us know if you want the Zoom link by contacting churchoffice@htlcto.org.

Schedule of topics:

November 8 ∙ Off to Battle and the Ritual of Return ∙ Numbers 31:1-24

November 15 ∙ The Role of the War Hero in Hebrew Scripture ∙ 1 Samuel 17,    Judges 6-7 and Judges 13-16

November 22 ∙ The “Ban” or God’s Command for Utter Destruction ∙ Deuteronomy 20, Joshua 6

November 29 ∙ Leave the Fighting to God 2 Chronicles 20

Stay tuned for a two-week series on Angels in December.