Shaking off the dust

Shaking off the dust

Matthew 9:35 – 10:8-23

Sometimes it can be hard to shake a feeling. There have been times when I have nearly had an accident in the car and that sense of fear or the wondering “what if?” lingered with me throughout the rest of the day. There have been times when someone has gotten angry with me over something and that pit in my stomach just hasn’t seemed to have gone away easy. There have been times when I’ve made a mistake or messed up and the guilt seems to keep nagging at my insides.

Jesus knows that these feelings can hold us back from being the messengers of God’s good news that we are called to be. I think that is why he gave his followers a way to deal with such things if they encountered them. When he sends the twelve disciples out on their own for the first time, he warns them that they are going out like sheep among wolves. In other words, not everyone is going to like the message they have to share. Not everyone will be happy to hear it. Some will respond with fear. Some will respond with anger or guilt. So Jesus gives them an action to do when people are not welcoming to them. He says they are to “shake the dust off their feet”. It is as if Jesus is saying that shaking the dust off their feet physically will help them shake off those feelings spiritually that would hold them back from their mission.

Is there anything you need to “shake off” in your life? Is there anything holding you back from a deeper relationship with God or other people? What would it mean to let those things go and move on?

– Pastor Erik