See our website for Holy Trinity virtual sermons

See our website for Holy Trinity virtual sermons

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Worship services temporarily cancelled until the first week of April.

These are difficult times with difficult decisions to make. We are facing an unseen threat that does not seem evident to us personally in Thousand Oaks at this time, but we know how quickly the Coronavirus can spread and we want to be proactive. It is with this in mind, the Executive Committee of the Church Council has decided to cancel worship services at Holy Trinity on a temporary basis. Just last night another case was found in our area and Ventura County declared a public health emergency. Our local schools made the announcement that they will be closed next week.

In light of these recent events and due to the fact that many of our church members fall into the vulnerable population category due to underlying health issues and age, the church leadership thought it best to cancel worship for the next three Sundays until the first week of April. This also means no mid-week Lenten worships and no Tuesday morning Bible Study. Other small groups or committees may meet on a case by case basis. The first week of April we will re-evaluate the situation based on the current information that is available.

This was not an easy decision. It is during times like these that we especially need our community of faith around us, but in this situation, loving our neighbor and protecting ourselves means keeping our distance for awhile so that this virus does not spread. Please let us know if you need extra support at this time. We will be trying to stay in touch remotely by phone calls, emails, Facebook and the church website. If the church cannot support you directly, we may be able to help link you to other local resources.

We will email the worship bulletin to you for this coming Sunday and a brief message which connects to our Lenten theme. Look to check our Facebook, emails and the church website ( for other devotional or worship content as we try to stay connected through on-line sources. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

Mike Sadowski, Church Council President
Pastor Erik