Maundy Thursday April 9, 2020

Maundy Thursday April 9, 2020

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This is Holy Week in the Christian calendar and tonight is Maundy Thursday, when we remember the last supper Jesus had with his disciples along with the special command Jesus gave us to “love one another.”

During the worship you will hear several people from Holy Trinity doing a dramatic reading imagining what it may have felt like for the different disciples to be with Jesus at his last supper.  We hope this will assist you in your spiritual reflection for this year’s Holy Week as we are unable to meet in person.


Your Place at the Lord’s Table……….Review

Written by, Pastor John Soyster, used with permission 

Andrew…Sit here to say thanks for the same kind of courage Jesus has inspired in you, or you may want to sit here to pray for that courage.

James, son of Alphaeus….If you see in yourself a person who has hope, then you will want to walk way over to this end of the table and say thanks for hope with James.

James, son of Zebedee…If the work Christ has done in your life has given you a similar sense of awe and wonder at the majesty and power and plan of God, then you should sit here tonight and say thanks in the seat of this James.

John…if you are of the mind and heart to thank God for the love you have received in Christ, then sit at the table tonight in this place.

Judas…If you feel like you are needing more patience or are confused about God’s plan then you might want to sit in this chair tonight.

Matthew…If you have had your life changed by Christ; turned around 180 degrees, then sit here and with Matthew say thanks.

Nathanael….If you have changed from a negative attitude into a good one, a positive one or maybe you would like to pray for that change in your heart, then perhaps tonight you want to sit in the seat of Nathanael.

Peter…..If you find it amazing that God would trust you so much, and you want to thank God for the faith he has in you, then you should sit here, in Peter’s place.

Philip…..If you are grateful for the patience you know God has with you, then sit in Philip’s seat and say thanks tonight.

Simon the Zealot… If you are thankful for the miracle of the way Christ can change character, rebuild lives, and tame erratic, flaming spirits to do God’s will, then sit here, in the seat of Simon.

Thaddeus… If you find yourself not wanting anyone to go hungry or miss a chance, then sit over here with Thaddeus, and say thanks to God for giving you a heart of compassion.

Thomas… If you want to say thanks tonight for the gift of an inquisitive and searching mind, perhaps you might like to sit in the seat of Thomas.

Martha… If you are grateful for a servant’s heart or for the way someone has acted as a servant towards you, you might choose to sit in Martha’s chair.

Mary… If you are grateful for the gift of listening, or for the way someone has listened to you, then perhaps you would want to sit in Mary’s chair.


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