Faith Explorers for Families – May 3 2020

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Happy Sunday Faith Explorers Families!

Here are the steps for this morning’s lesson—

STEP 1: Click the WATCH icon to see video.

STEP 2:  Try out one of these activities (sent to your email address):

  • Coloring Page

  • Chatterbox Activity Page

  • Story Page


Remember to keep looking out for things on our Family Scavenger Hunt!

Try to find as many things from the list as you can.

Send pictures or short videos of things you find by emailing Alicia at

Please send them by next Sunday, May 10th. Let’s see who can get creative!

  • Take a selfie next to a plant that is yellow

  • Take a picture next to a unique mailbox

  • Take a picture at the last grocery store you went to

  • Take a picture of nature you find on your next walk

  • Take a picture next to water

  • Dress up in a costume or silly outfit and take a picture

  • Take a picture at your elementary school

  • Take a picture of a sunset

  • Take a picture of your favorite ice cream

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything:

prayers, me to read a story to your kids over Facetime, jokes for kids, toilet paper, anything! Praying for you all this week. 🙂

Have a great week!!

In Christ,

Alicia Spadaro

Children’s Minister

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church