Remembering What Matters – Mark 10:17-22,28-31

Remembering What Matters - Mark 10:17-22,28-31

Remembering What Matters             Mark 10:17-22,28-31

My wife has a cousin whose family lives right in the path of Hurricane Michael which is hitting the panhandle of Florida.  Fortunately, they received the mandatory evacuation order and were able to go to Alabama out of harm’s way.  But while they are safe, they are concerned how much damage their house and their business will sustain. What will happen to the possessions that they had to leave behind? In a text, our cousin talked about the difficulty of choosing the few things they could pack in their car when they left. She writes:

“How does one decide what to bring? I see my baby cup, our wedding wine glasses from my parent’s trip, the figurine my grandfather gave me… I could go on and on.  These are not replaceable because of the memories they have with them, yet life will go on.  I’m trying to remember they are just things and as long as we are safe that is what matters.”

Sometimes a crisis reminds us what is really important and puts things in perspective.  You might say that Jesus creates a mini-crisis for a young rich man who comes and asks him what he must do to inherit eternal life.  Jesus tells him that it is good that he has kept most of the commandments, but he is lacking one thing.  He must sell all he has and give the money to the poor. The young man walks away sad because he has a lot of possessions.

Jesus is pushing the man to think about what really matters.  He is trying to help the young man to confront how his many possessions are an obstacle as he is seeking to follow the path that leads to true life.  Will the young man be willing to let go or will he continue to let his possessions stand in the way between him and truly following Jesus?

What about us?  What are the obstacles keeping us from becoming closer to God?  Are we willing to confront the question of whether or not our possessions are a help or a hindrance to following the path of Jesus that leads to eternal life?  How do we remember what really matters?

-Pastor Erik Goehner