“Psalms and the Protestant Reformation”  

“Psalms and the Protestant Reformation”  

The Spiritual Growth Forum for Sunday, February 23, 2020 

“Psalms and the Protestant Reformation”   

Discussion led by Dr. Joe Everson ·

Martin Luther began his teaching career in Wittenberg, Germany, by lecturing on the psalms (1513-1517). There he first came to affirm that the Bible proclaims a God of steadfast love and forgiveness. We will look together at some of the key psalms that Luther loved—especially Psalms 31, 130, 131 and 118—and that generations of people, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have affirmed as sacred scripture.

Meet in the Fireside Room at 9:30AM.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH FORUM  · 9:30 AM · Fireside Room

During our 9:30 educational hour on Sunday mornings our Spiritual Growth ministry offers a weekly discussion forum where all are welcome to join in a stimulating conversation. Small groups gather during this time for Bible study, a guest speaker lecture, or to dive into a book that explores faith. Topics at the forum cover a wide variety of issues and ideas that are practical to modern life for those curious about religion, science, and history.

If you would like to join us, please come to the Fellowship Hall on our campus. Don’t be afraid if the room looks crowded – we will happily pull up a chair for you at this popular, ongoing event, where refreshments are provided.  

Whether you are a seasoned person of faith or just wish to live a meaningful life, being thoughtful of serving others, we hope to have you join us soon.

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