Mountain Memories from Peggy Rothring

Mountain Memories from Peggy Rothring

Mountain Memories at Holy Trinity

We received this “Mountain Memories” photograph

from Peggy Rothring in response to our

Summer Sermon Series titled, “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”



This fabric mountain is called “Springtime in the Sierras”  It’s made of about 200 two-inch squares of cotton fabric. 

As a child, young woman, wife and mother, much time was spent in the area East of Sacramento, up highway 50 to Lake Tahoe.  There are many small lakes to explore in between these 2 areas.  My eldest son was born in Hangtown, aka, Placerville.  The elevation there was about 2000 feet.  It was easy access for camping weekends to the many lakes East off the 50.   

We were in a tent and camped sans facilities such as bathrooms.  Mirrors were left at home.  My husband and I both loved the refreshing feeling of the mountain air, pine trees, no MacDonalds. 

I always felt it was a cleansing of the soul.

-Peggy Rothring 





As we have done the last few summers, we are going to depart from the lectionary readings during the summer months and do a special series:
“Go Tell it on the Mountain:  Peaks and People in Scripture.” 


Many of us will not be traveling this summer to places like the mountains due to the pandemic, but we can still travel together through the mountains that we find in the Bible. 
Lots of significant things happen in the Scripture when God’s people climb up a peak.  We will explore these stories and what they might mean for us as we go through the summer months.