Mountain Memories from Nancy Truex

Mountain Memories from Nancy Truex

Mountain Memories at Holy Trinity

We received these “Mountain Memories” photographs
from Nancy Truex in response to our
Summer Sermon Series titled, “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”

Every year the Acorn suggests that we “take our Acorn on vacation.”   I have done that several times and while “vacation” equals “escape,” having your Acorn and pulling it out miles from home in a completely different setting keeps you nicely grounded to your roots!  Here, being high in the Alps on a morning and later on an afternoon walk, is a glorious escape.  The lovely vistas, the trails filled with walkers of many ages from so many places — we all drink in the clear air and sunlight.  The headlines and the inside stories in the Acorn are a jolt –a pleasant one– that I’m glad I’m in the Alps– for the moment, but the real world awaits.  An interlude high above it all gives me perspective.  Upon my return home, the Alps will provide a backdrop for memories of unbelievable distances the Acorn and I covered and the clarity of thought I gained while in Switzerland.

-Nancy Truex



As we have done the last few summers, we are going to depart from the lectionary readings during the summer months and do a special series:
“Go Tell it on the Mountain:  Peaks and People in Scripture.” 


Many of us will not be traveling this summer to places like the mountains due to the pandemic, but we can still travel together through the mountains that we find in the Bible.  Lots of significant things happen in the Scripture when God’s people climb up a peak.  We will explore these stories and what they might mean for us as we go through the summer months.


As we make this journey, we will be asking the congregation to participate by sharing their mountain experiences as well. 
What are the peaks you have visited or seen? 
What story could you tell about that time? 
We invite you to send in a picture of your mountain trip to the church at, along with a paragraph explaining why that trip or image is significant to you. 
These tales of people’s travels will transport us from where we are sheltering in place to other parts of our nation and world.


These pictures and paragraphs will be compiled and show up in our worship videos and perhaps even in a sermon or two as we discover how the story of Scripture weaves together with our own story.
-Pastor Erik