Mountain Memories from Linda Ritterbush

Mountain Memories from Linda Ritterbush

Mountain Memories at Holy Trinity

We received this “Mountain Memories”

from Linda Ritterbush in response to our

Summer Sermon Series titled, “Go Tell It On The Mountain.”




The peaks of the Cathedral Range, seen here from across the Tuolumne River, are landmarks visible from many of the popular hiking trails in the Yosemite high country. 

Bob and I backpacked with our young daughters, Kristine and Kathleen, in the vicinity nearly every summer.


Once, when he was very old, my father gave me a snapshot of nearly the same scene – same trail, looking across the same river at the same mountain range.  Only in that picture, my young brothers and I stood, a row of gangly towheads with backs to the camera.  On the back of the photo, in his tidy engineer’s printing, my father had written, “What hath God wrought?”  I said, “Dad, this inscription: did you mean the mountains, or the children?”  He smiled cryptically, and said, “Both.”