Journeys with Joseph — An Integrity that Travels

Journeys with Joseph -- An Integrity that Travels

An Integrity that Travels      (Genesis 41,  Matthew 7:24-27)

As we journey with Joseph this summer, one thing I think we are discovering about him is that he is a man of integrity.  It seems that despite the various places and people he is forced to interact with, he maintains his core beliefs.  He talks about his experience of the God of the Hebrews who he knows, even though he is in a foreign country where the people worship different gods.  He gives God the credit for his gift of interpreting dreams.  Joseph seems to have principles of honesty and trustworthiness no matter who he is working for.  This sense of integrity allows him to develop trust with those he serves and he ends up as the manager of a high official’s household, a manager of a prison, and finally as the governor of Egypt, managing all the resources of the country which was very powerful at the time.  This meant that Joseph could use the position he had been granted by Pharaoh to help Egypt as well as the surrounding nations.

I think Jesus also talks about integrity in the Gospel from Matthew, we will hear on Sunday when he says that,  “Anyone who hears and obeys these teachings of mine is like a wise person who built a house on solid rock.”  While we might usually think of a solid rock foundation being something firm,  I believe Jesus is talking about a kind of move-able foundation.  Jesus does not want us to just leave our principles and morals at home.  He doesn’t want us to leave God at the door.  He wants us to carry the Holy Spirit wherever we go whether it be down the street or into a foreign country.  Keeping the integrity of our faith within our hearts gives us a firm foundation to stand on wherever we are and allows God to bring a blessing through us.

Have you ever had a hard time maintaining your sense of integrity when you are around different people?  Do you tend to get swayed by the crowd?  What does it mean to you to have Jesus as the solid foundation of your life?  How does this foundation travel with you to the various situations you find yourself in and the various people you are called to interact with?

Pastor Erik Goehner