Journeys with Joseph — Needing Extra Assurance

Journeys with Joseph -- Needing Extra Assurance

Needing Extra Assurance   Genesis 49  and  Luke 5:4-11

Have you ever made a mistake, done something wrong or hurt another person in some way, and when you said you were sorry the person said, “I forgive you” or “it’s alright don’t worry about it,” but you did worry about it because you were not really sure if everything actually was alright?  I think this kind of situation can especially occur between close family or friends.  When we really care about a relationship we want an extra assurance that the relationship will continue—that it really will be alright.

This seems to be the case with Joseph’s brothers after their father Jacob has died.  As we conclude our summer sermon series where we have journeyed with Joseph, his brothers are suspicious that now that their father is gone, Joseph might seek revenge.  So they approach Joseph and ask for his forgiveness even though Joseph had already granted such forgiveness earlier.  It is like they didn’t really believe him the first time. They need an assurance that things are going to be alright between them and their little brother.  They need an extra assurance that the relationship has been mended.

In the Gospel reading for Sunday we will see that Peter has a hard time believing that Jesus would want to be with him because he knows that he is a sinful man. Peter needs an extra assurance that Jesus really does want a relationship with him because Peter does not think he is worthy of such a relationship.  So Jesus tells Peter not to be afraid and calls him to join his ministry which is a sign he really is forgiven.

We too have been called to join Jesus despite the sins of our past.  We have been forgiven. But do we really believe it?  How would we live differently if we really did believe it?

-Pastor Erik Goehner