Journeys with Joseph — A Shepherd Who Wants Us in the Flock

Journeys with Joseph -- A Shepherd Who Wants Us in the Flock

A SHEPHERD WHO WANTS US IN THE FLOCK    Genesis chapter 46… John 10:11-16 

It can be hard to pack up and move to somewhere new where you have never lived before, especially if you suspect that there are people there who may not like you or think less of you.  No one likes feeling they are not wanted.

This may be how Jacob is feeling when God calls him to move down to Egypt to be with his son Joseph whom he has discovered is alive.  It may be how Jacob feels when he hears Joseph tell him to request a separate place to stay in Egypt because the Egyptians did not like to be around anyone who raised sheep, and guess what?  Jacob and his family are sheepherders. But despite his misgivings, Jacob responds with “Here I Am” and is willing to listen and go where God is sending him.

I think Jacob is willing to take this step of faith because he trusted that even though the Egyptians might not like him and his sheep-herding family, there was a Good Shepherd who did want him and would watch over him.  In the Scripture the shepherd image is used for Jesus who makes it clear he knows his flock and he wants us to be a part of his flock whether we are sheepherders, office workers, or construction workers.   Where others might exclude, Jesus says, “ I have other sheep that are not in this sheep pen. I must bring them together too, when they hear my voice. Then there will be one flock and one shepherd.”

So the next time you might be feeling on the outside or like someone doesn’t want to be with you, remember that the Good Shepherd wants to be with you so much he has left the sheep pen to come looking for you so you can feel as if you belong too.

-Pastor Erik Goehner