Journeys with Joseph

Journeys with Joseph

I think our feet say a lot about our lives.  It’s a bit odd, I know.  But I think there is a lot of story embedded in our feet.  Think about where your feet have been over your lifetime.  Think about the places they have carried you to see and explore.  Think about the holy and sacred spaces they have led you to.  Think about the places you have rest your feet after long, tiring days.  If they could talk, our feet could tell some pretty amazing stories of our lives.

This coming Sunday, we continue our Joseph narrative and we also hear from the Gospel of Luke, of a woman who washes Jesus’ feet with her tears.  Think about their feet.  Think of the stories their feet could tell.  Joseph’s feet have been in Canaan and now are in Egypt. While certainly not where he started, I imagine that at this point in the story, Joseph’s feet are clean and well-manicured because he lives under the king’s roof.  And what about the woman in the Gospel?  We know little about her, but we are told that she is a sinner.  I imagine her feet to be more rugged, maybe even bruised and battered, maybe peeling and cracking.  But we also know that she was bold enough to take a huge cultural risk and walk right into the middle of Simon’s dinner party uninvited and wash Jesus’ feet with her tears.

And what about Jesus’ feet?  Think of all the places and people Jesus encountered.  Think about him carrying his own cross to only be put to death on it.  Think of those feet that, on the third day, walked out of the tomb and into our lives.  That same Spirit is among us today – walking beside us and among us no matter where our feet go.

-Pastor Elizabeth Nees