EXODUS  32:7-14

Intercession is basically the act of interceding between two parties.  To intercede means to mediate or intervene with the goal of reconciling differences. The contractor for our building project interceded on the church’s behalf a couple weeks ago.  After a visit by the fire inspector we were told that they had raised the standards for fire alarms and so we would not be in compliance with the model we had in place.  Although it would be expensive, this news would not have been quite so bad if it had not come so close to our preschool classes starting.  We were in a bit of a panic.  Families had registered children already.  What would we do if we could not get approval for occupancy?  Fortunately, our contractor interceded on our behalf.  They went to the fire department and the city to speak for us and eventually we were able to negotiate an approval for a temporary occupancy as long as we showed we could get the new alarm system installed in fifteen days.  This allowed us to still start school on time.

As Christians, when we think about intercession we often think about prayer. We think about going to God and interceding on behalf of a friend or family member who is sick or in need.  There are several people in the Bible who were involved in several moments of great intercession.  Moses is a part of several of these stories.  He is particularly known for interceding on behalf of the Israelites when God would get angry with them for disobeying or wandering away from the path God had set before them.

We will hear one of these stories this Sunday.  It is about the time when Moses has gone up to visit with God on Mount Sinai and when he gets back, he discovers the people worshipping a Golden Calf.  This of course violates the First Commandment and God is furious.  In fact, God is so angry that God wants to just destroy the people and start over.  But Moses intercedes on the people’s behalf and actually convinces God to change course and spare the Israelites.  It is an example of what an incredible gift intercession can be.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone interceded on your behalf?  What did it feel like to have someone speak up for you? Christians believe that the greatest intercessor of all time was Jesus.  Jesus interceded between us and God so that we might receive mercy and salvation.  Can this give us the courage to intercede for someone else so that they too might know mercy?

-Pastor Erik Goehner