Corona Blues 

Corona Blues 

From time to time in the coming weeks, I will step back from my reflection on the Sunday readings to allow members of our congregation share stories of how they are coping during these unprecedented times. 

-Pastor Erik

This week Susan Corey shares with us in this new column we are calling: Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity


Corona Blues                     

Oh virus, corona virus

What havoc you’ve wreaked in our lives

You’ve devoured the news

Given us the blues

Though we do what we can to survive.


You’re just a simple protein molecule


With a nasty lipid coating

A harmless little molecule

Until you settle on a cuticle

Or find your way into our nose,


And then you start to multiply

You change your code, hijack our cells

And turn aggressive

Travel to our lungs

And make us sick


You’re just a simple molecule,

A little protein molecule

That’s sentenced us to solitude

Put a nation on vacation

Created an econo-coma


We’re cooped up for days or weeks

Inside our small abodes

All for the fear of you,

A simple protein molecule


We keep apart, six feet apart

Don’t touch our faces

Skip crowded places

We wash our hands, we scrub and scrub

We clip our nails,

Wear masks or veils

Depend on alcohol or bleach

Hand sanitizers, moisturizers

All the weapons that we have.


We shelter in place for fear of you

Close libraries, schools, gyms and bars

Shut down all sports and close the parks.


You can’t be killed, you’re not alive

Your molecules can float for hours

To lodge in noses, eyes or throats

You love the cold, love moist and dark

But hate all UV light or heat


Oh virus, corona virus

before this year we never knew you,

A Trojan horse,

we’ve learned to fear you


We pray for your eradication

Release us from this separation

And end the national staycation.


         by Susan Corey, March 31, 2020