From time to time in the coming weeks, I will step back from my reflection on the Sunday readings to allow members of our congregation share stories of how they are coping during these unprecedented times. 

-Pastor Erik

This week Peggy Rothring shares with us in this new column we are calling:


On the train platform in a trance, the trains are moving past me at increasing speeds.  Regretting the refusal to get on the first one, anxiety soars.

That metaphor describes my relationship to I T, or A T, whichever is correct.  Being in quarantine emphasizes the educational lapse.  This morning was ZOOM time for a meeting of a club I joined in 1998.  It’s called WOWs, “Women on Wall Street” even though downloading the app, I could not access the meeting.  I listened via a member’s phone.

Since breaking my leg in November, being house-bound was not a big adjustment.  But, I was looking forward to usual activities as the healing took place.  That is now not available.  A small adjustment, versus so many who have radical changes to their lives.  I’m a lucky lady to have a home, friends, services, family and the dreaded internet which keeps me connected with life outside my home.

One friend posts a beautiful scene of nature each morning.  I look forward to “The Writers Almanac” each day with a new poem and a bit of literary history.  My Oregon daughter sends beautiful flower pictures from her dog walks, Spring has sprung.  My 24-year old grandson is caught in a 4th floor walkup apartment in Brooklyn, with no job.  While his brother readies to graduate from Portland State University. Sans celebration with family.  The Studio City son & his wife help with groceries.  Tomorrow is my first delivery of a “Farm2You” box of produce.

My contribution to the situation is making masks.  A truly perfect fit for me.  Compromised mobility + good sewing skills + supply of fabric.  These are made from a pattern designed by a nurse to be worn over N95 issue.  The cotton can take many washings and time in the autoclave.  I’m finishing up mask #35. 

While sewing, I’ve found the joys of podcasts.  I have to tune out the barrage of news to keep depression at bay.  LeVar Burton Reads is a delightful reading of short stories with his comments at the end.  Mobituaries is stories of things deceased, like the country squire station wagon.  Perfect Scam details scams.  Revisionist History tells facts about history undoing some errors.  Oh so many more.  Fun.

Blessings and good health to you all.

-Peggy Rothring