Chronicles of Quarantine from University Village 

Chronicles of Quarantine from University Village 

From time to time in the coming weeks, I will step back from my reflection on the Sunday readings to allow members of our congregation share stories of how they are coping during these unprecedented times. 

-Pastor Erik

This week Marian Beatty and Della Vivien share with us in this new column we are calling: Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity

Chronicles of Quarantine

During the past seven weeks, life in University Village has been very different as we all “stay safe at home.” Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of management and staff, there has been little need to leave our homes.  We practice social distancing, even though it’s difficult for a community that loves to socialize.  No more meals in the dining room – dinner arrives at our door in a large brown bag.  The Village Store provides basics; staff shops for individual needs.

A weekly Town Hall keeps us updated.  We look forward to our surprise “Boxes of Sunshine” which arrives at our front doors.  Often it’s a box of snacks, but it also has been one pound of California strawberries, a bunch of sunflowers, a green plant, or one memorable afternoon: a delivery of ice cream.  While committees can’t meet as groups, they can still keep us supplied with books, puzzles, games and the like to keep boredom at bay.  Fitness classes continue on our in-house television channel.

We miss the events at HTLC, the Sunday services most of all.  We appreciate the calls and emails from church members, and look forward to the day when we can thank you in person – from an acceptable social distance, of course!

-Marian Beatty and Della Vivien