My “Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity” Story

My “Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity" Story

Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity

Members of our congregation have been sharing stories of how they are coping during these unprecedented times.

This week Dona and Randy Pugh share with us:

My “Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity” Story

by Dona Pugh


For Randy and Dona Pugh, being “Safe at Home” isn’t much different than being retired, except that we don’t attend any committee or club meetings or eat dinner out.  Because Randy has so many health issues, we are careful to avoid situations where we could come in contact with the COVID-19 virus.


The “Word in Season” devotional booklet was written long before the COVID-19 crisis occurred, but many of the April devotions were very appropriate to deal with this situation.  On Thursday, April 16, the author wrote: “Somehow time spent in the scary rough spots can remind us to be grateful, to remember our blessings, to open ourselves to God’s presence and experience God’s joy.  So my prayer for you and for me is that God’s Spirit will make us aware of God’s joy and light even in the most difficult times of our days.”  I have begun looking for God’s presence and joy in this troublesome time. 


We are holding weekly family Zoom meeting with our children and grandchildren.  It is a joy to regularly see more of my grandchildren than we had before.  I am connecting with friends via WhatsApp to video chat. Even ‘snail’ mail helps in communicating with people I care about. Friends that I haven’t seen for years are reaching out to each other.


I love rolling out of bed and attending church in my pajamas.  Pastor and the HTLC staff have done a wonderful job providing ways to experience God’s presence while staying at home. Actually, it is almost like having ‘church on demand.’ I can tune in any time to enjoy the music and hear the message.  I miss seeing all of you at church, but I care more that you are not exposed to this terrible virus.


I find God in the kindness and thoughtfulness of people I meet at the grocery store or out walking their dogs in my neighborhood while obeying the self-distancing rules.  I find His wisdom in leaders of our church and of my non-profit groups who look for ways to get critical business done from the safety of our homes. 


I find God in the joy and beauty of nature as we spend more time in our backyard picking the fruit off our trees, admiring the flowers blooming abundantly, watching the birds at our bird feeder, and viewing the bunnies nibbling on our lawn. 


I am finding that God’s mercy and grace is abundant if I focus on His presence instead of dwelling in the ‘scary rough spots.’  However, I am still looking for joy in cooking dinner every night.


-Dona and Randy Pugh