Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity: I AM GRATEFUL

Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity: I AM GRATEFUL

Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity

Members of our congregation have been sharing stories of how they are coping during these unprecedented times.

This week we are sharing a “Chronicles of Quarantine” story from Miriam Namayama.


I Am Grateful

By Miriam Nakayama

During this time in quarantine, I am grateful.

  • I am grateful I am retired so I haven’t had to worry about my job and I am used to being home more since I’ve retired.  It was a bit of a shock to realize I was in the vulnerable age of 65 and older.

  • I’m grateful for our church council and for being on church council.  I’m new on the council and even the vice president, but being on church council during this time of the pandemic has helped me realize even more all that council does.  We have to make decisions and come up with plans to keep our Holy Trinity community going, watch out for our campus, and support those around us. I have had to learn how to conference call, Zoom, and other technological things that pushes me out of my comfort zone. (I have now even participated in a Zoom call of 525 people for my subbing job at CLU.)

  • I am grateful that I’ve had a very precious time to be with my family.  We had to make a cautious decision about my youngest daughter visiting us. Katie, our oldest daughter, had the virus some weeks earlier.  She had a mild case and lost her sense of taste and smell for about three weeks.  Katie came down from San Luis Obispo, so we were together as a family!! It was so wonderful and we had such a good time together.

  • I’m grateful for books and friends who lend me books, and computer card games, and Words with Friends, and texting, and Netflix (I love Queer Eye).

  • I’m grateful for everyday life with Kiyo.  I’ve done some cleaning and decluttering.  Kiyo and I walk every day or I do the elliptical.  We grocery shop usually at 6:30 a.m. at Ralph’s during their senior hours.  Now I’m going to Trader Joe’s since the lines are shorter.

  • I’m grateful for so much and I pray for all who are suffering.