Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity by Maggie Kildee

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Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity

Members of our congregation have been sharing stories of how they are coping during these unprecedented times.

This week we are sharing a “Chronicles of Quarantine” story

from Maggie Kildee

Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity

It has been suggested to me by my reach-out friend, Susan Everson, that I should share the way I’ve been trying to make sense out of all the free time I’ve had recently!  Ever since I closed my studio and no longer have sculpture as a creative outlet, I’ve considered watercolors.  However there were always other things I kept getting involved with.  So in March, when University Village began to be locked down, and there was little else to do, I sent off for some watercolor supplies.  I experimented a bit, with rather disastrous results, and then I discovered all the watercolor tutorials YouTube had to offer!  So I’m slowly learning, and here are some pieces that were done in early May. Hopefully every month will show some improvement, and in the meantime it fills my staying-at-home days with creativity!


It’s keeping me busy most afternoons!


Maggie Kildee
University Village