Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity

Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity

Chronicles of Quarantine at Holy Trinity

Members of our congregation have been sharing stories of how they are coping during these unprecedented times.

This week we are sharing two “Chronicles of Quarantine” stories. The first, from Betty Nelson (dictated to and typed by Beverly Lindop) and the second, from Nancy Truex.



by Betty Nelson


After weeks of sheltering in place, social distancing, and wearing a mask when leaving my apartment here at University Village, I changed my routine for nearly three weeks.


On April 21, I was admitted to Los Robles Hospital and after spending four days there, was transferred to Oakview Skilled Nursing.


On Sunday, Mother’s Day, I was discharged to go home. Accompanied by two girls from Resident Services, my ride home was by golf cart. During those three weeks, I received so many cards and phone calls from my loving family and friends, many of whom were my Holy Trinity family.


At all times, I felt the loving support, thoughts and prayers of so many people. My heart is filled with gratitude to my loving God and Heavenly Father for the many blessings bestowed on me during this difficult time.

-Betty Nelson


Corona Chronicles

by Nancy Truex


Whoever thought that “Shelter In Place” which began in the middle of March and was meant to last for two weeks — we were still thinking of Easter lilies and music for Holy Week and Easter — would morph into ten weeks of closed churches, ominous “Lockdown,” and empty shelves in the markets?  And who thought what I considered a niche product, baking yeast, was not to be found anywhere? I bake our bread, have for many years, and have some yeast on hand.  But come time to replenish it, and it disappeared from stores — everywhere! Patience, I said.  Still searched for three weeks.  By April 20,  I decided to order some dry yeast from Amazon.  A message from Amazon on April 21 said some had been located and to watch for it between May 11 and June 2.  By now I found out from others that it was unavailable in Holland and Germany as well.  More patience!  On May 13, my order arrived.  Ten sealed packages of yeast — from China, with all writing in Chinese!  With some help with the Chinese,  I found out that it was instant yeast.  I looked for a suitable recipe using instant yeast and made very successful bread!


While waiting for yeast, I decided to pare down my library.   Got a few books ready to donate, but then started re-reading others!  A few, Pompeii, by Robert Harris, and Born With the Dead, by Irina Kirk,  are ominous and just right for these times.   The three novelized biographies by Margaret George, dealing with Henry VIII,  Mary, Queen of Scots,  and Cleopatra, are gripping to re-read.  All 2,767 pages– on my kitchen scale,  7 lbs of quality paperbacks!  Lets me escape to other times and places, with reading still grounded in history.


As this  drags on, I promise myself I will ignore the news.  The news and advice becomes more and more contradictory.  Now our homemade masks aren’t helpful after all, who knew?  As an informed citizen, I watch it, then promise myself not to watch more news.  The cycle repeats and I watch some more!  These are the times when I am grateful for our virtual Sunday service and a mid-week Bible study –definitely keeps me grounded in the faith.  Getting in touch with others from HTLC by phone and email is a help.  Thank you, Pastor Erik  and the whole HTLC community!

-Nancy Truex