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"All Kinds of Wrestling"
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“All Kinds of Wrestling”

All Kinds of Wrestling Genesis 32:22-32    When we think about wrestling we may at first think about men in tights locked in a physical competition to see who is stronger.   However, there are many other...

June 21, 2019
"We are All Translators"
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“We are All Translators”

 “We are All Translators”                                       Acts 2:1-12   Star Trek was a science fiction television show developed in the 60’s about a crew of explorers bravely going out into the universe where “no one had gone before”.  ...

June 05, 2019
"Healing Leaves" 
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“Healing Leaves” 

Healing Leaves             Revelation 21:10, 22:1-2 Plants and trees are important.  There are obvious reasons they are important such as the fact that they provide food like grains, fruits and vegetables,...

May 25, 2019