April 22 – Spiritual Growth Ministry

April 22 - Spiritual Growth Ministry

The Spiritual Growth Forum for Sunday, April 22 is titled “Mission Endowment and Gift Policy at Holy Trinity” led by the Finance Committee. What is Gift Policy? What is an Endowment? How are these tools which can promote and enhance the ministry of the church? Over ten years ago Holy Trinity approved a resolution and by-laws establishing a mission endowment fund for the church. The Finance Committee is currently working with our ELCA Regional Gift Planner on updating and revising those by-laws to present to the church at the congregational meeting in May. Along with these revisions the Finance committee is looking at creating a Gift Policy for dealing with undesignated gifts that might come to the church. This session is about this process and any questions people might have about the endowment and which direction it is going. This is a chance to have your input ahead of the congregational meeting in May so we hope you can attend.