The Greatest Endorsement Matthew  3:13-17

The Greatest Endorsement    Matthew  3:13-17

The Greatest Endorsement

Matthew  3:13-17

This year coming up is an election year and as candidates seek to stay in the race they will also be seeking out more endorsements.  They will be looking for support from key political figures, popular celebrities or athletes, or leaders of important organizations who also bring along with them a sizable constituency of voters.  When candidates receive these endorsements they hope to receive votes as well as they get name recognition or popularity by being associated with other famous people or folks who represent different groups.  A key endorsement from the right person at the right time can play a crucial role on the road to possibly being elected.

You might say that Jesus received a key endorsement on the way to beginning his ministry in the Book of Matthew.  This Sunday we celebrate the baptism of Jesus, and in Matthew we hear something we don’t hear in the other Gospels which happens as Jesus has come up out of the water.  A voice from heaven declares, “This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased.”  Unlike in Mark and Luke where the voice from heaven seems to be only addressing Jesus, in Matthew’s Gospel it sounds like God is talking to whoever is gathered around the river as Jesus in baptized.  It sounds like God is addressing us, the readers even today, and is trying to get our attention to let us know that this Jesus is special.  It sounds like God is endorsing Jesus and letting everyone know it.

Doesn’t it seem like having God proclaim such support would be the greatest endorsement ever?  The really amazing thing is that in our baptism, we are linked to Jesus and in a way also receive such an endorsement.  God declares to us that we are God’s beloved children.  How does it feel to know that we are part of God’s elect?  How might we let others know that they too can receive such support from God?

-Pastor Erik Goehner