A Re-forming Relationship

A Re-forming Relationship

“A Re-forming Relationship”

John 8:31-36

October 24, 2019

This Sunday coming up is the time of the year when Lutherans celebrate the Reformation. The traditional text for this Sunday that we will hear is from the Book of John chapter eight where Jesus says, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples.” In her commentary on this passage, Pastor Judith Jones points out that, like so many other terms in John, “word” (in Greek, logos) is ambiguous, multifaceted, and rich in nuances. Logos can simply refer to the teachings of Jesus or any ordinary word.

But elsewhere in John, Jesus himself is the logos or “word” that God speaks, through whom God created the world. He is God’s word made flesh (John 1:1-14). Logos in John chapter eight is in the singular so it seems to be referring to the second meaning of logos where the “word” is actually Jesus. So what Jesus could be saying in John chapter eight is, “If you continue in me, you are truly my disciples,” or “If you continue to be in relationship with me, you are truly my disciples.” It is this relationship that Jesus formed and re-formed with his followers that truly impacted and made a lasting impression upon them.

Jesus continues to form and re-form us even today. One way this happens is through studying the words or logos of Scripture. But the real impact happens through relationship, when we engage the Scripture through the “word” or logos which is Christ, when we seek the spirit of Christ in the world around us and in the day to day conversations we have. So how is your relationship with Jesus? How might you engage with Christ so that relationship can grow?

-Pastor Erik Goehner