“Raising the Dead Inside of Us”

“Raising the Dead Inside of Us”

Raising the Dead Inside of Us
Luke 24:1-12
In the Luke’s Gospel, Peter responds to witnessing the empty tomb in a way that many of us probably would have. After he looks and sees that Jesus is not in the tomb it says he walked away “wondering what had happened” (NIV translation). We hear the resurrection story year after year on Easter and yet we can still leave church asking ourselves, “What really happened?”

There is a mystery to the resurrection that we cannot fully explain. As Biblical scholar Marcus Borg suggested, a better question than, “What really happened?” might be to ask, “What does it mean?” What does it mean to say that Jesus is alive again? What might it mean for our lives today?

One way to think about it could be that resurrection can take place in our hearts. I am reminded of this from a line in a song called “24” by the Christian rock band named “Switchfoot.” One of the verses says, “You’re raising the dead in me.” The artist is expressing how God is doing something new in his life. He is expressing that something that felt gone inside him is coming alive again.

There are pieces of our souls that can sometimes die inside us. It could be from something simple like a hobby we used to love doing, but for some reason we stopped and now it’s like that part of us is gone. It could be more complex like the loss of innocence or the loss of a sense of safety after a traumatic event. It could be the loss of a loved one. People who experience such a great loss can feel like something dies inside of them as well.

Have you ever felt like something has died inside of you? Is there some part of your heart that needs to be raised to new life again? How might the hope of resurrection in Christ help to raise the dead inside of us?

-Pastor Erik Goehner