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July 2017

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for July 2017
Maximizing our time “Use your prime time for prime purpose.” This was a quotefrom Dr. Rich Melheim who led a conference that I attendedlast fall on Cross Generational ministry. What he meant was more »

June 2017

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for June 2017
I think one reason many people do not like religion is that they see it as a bunch of "Thou shall not's". They see it as full of restrictions, as opposed to freedoms. They see it as full of judgment as opposed to mercy. more »

May 2017

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for May 2017
Easter is one of those times when we may get more visitors than usual. This last week one of our faithful volunteers in the Welcome Ministry shared an interaction with our Bible study group of a visitor that she encountered. The volunteer was staffing a welcome table with a guest book and name tags in anticipation that we might have a few more guests on Easter. more »

April 2017

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for April 2017
The first time I met a practicing Muslim was my senior year in college. I was on a study abroad trip to Ghana, West Africa, for my last semester. Included in our group were three local students, all who happened to be Muslims. more »

March 2017

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for March 2017
Acts of praying, fasting, and giving alms. The reason for this is that Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent and Lent is the time of year when Christians are called to prepare themselves to walk with Jesus towards the cross during more »

February 2017

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for February 2017
It is a strange phrase that Jesus tells Peter, Andrew, James, and John as they are tending their nets by the sea of Galilee. It shows up in the beginning of Matthew which is the Gospel that we will be focusing on in this coming new year. When the fishermen Pastor Erik Goehner hear the call of Jesus to follow him the Scripture says ... more »

January 2017

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for January 2017
One thing I liked about playing backyard sports as a kid, was the do-over. This rule would be invoked when in the middle of the game something would happen to distract a player or cause them to mess up and that player could call for a "do-over" which meant the person wanted another chance at making a play. more »

December 2016

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for December 2016
The Ancient Songs of Advent What is the power of music and poetry? It is the power to express mystery and meaning in ways that common language cannot. It is the power to capture an overflow of emotions when ... more »

November 2016

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for November 2016
It says that when the Lord God made the heavens and the earth there was no one to work the ground. So God takes some dirt, forms a human being, and breathes life into the human. Then in verse 15 it says that, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” more »

October 2016

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for October 2016
I grew up Lutheran, but when it came to my faith, I was also influenced by the Congregationalist relatives on my dad's side. The way my grandparents and great-uncles and aunts practiced their faith was a little more outgoing than what I experienced in my Lutheran tradition. One example of this was that during their worship times they had ... more »

September 2016

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for September 2016
If I were to ask people at Holy Trinity what is the most sacred space on our campus, what do you think would be their answer? I would guess that most people would probably say the sanctuary. After all, that is where the pews are. That is where the altar is. That is where the big cross is, the organ, the high ceiling and stained glass window. Certainly the design and decorations indicate that the sanctuary is a sacred space, but I might argue that the ... more »

August 2016

Holy Trinity Lutheran Tempo Newsletter for August 2016
What does it mean to carry each other's burdens? When Paul was writing to the church at Galatia he could have meant if they saw people with heavy loads on their way to the market the early Christians were to offer to literally help them carry their burdens. I think Paul also meant something more than ... more »