Ministry Assistant Wanted

Ministry Assistant

Job Description

General Understanding and Covenants:

The mission of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (HTLC) is to, “Nurture Christ-centered lives that reflect God’s love and grace in our local and global communities.” The Ministry Assistant will support this mission and the overarching ministry at HTLC. He or she will maintain appropriate interpersonal boundaries and confidentiality.The goal of all ministry at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is to make the promises of each person’s faith real for them: to equip and empower people in their faith and to provide experiences that will further their learning and witness as growing Christians. The Ministry Assistant will be a role model and mentor in the Christian faith for all church participants.

Employee’s Responsibilities and Areas of Focus:

  • Enthusiastically live out and assist in articulating Lutheran theology and traditions, the mission, vision and values of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.
  • Build appropriate interpersonal relationships with church members of all ages and their families
  • Areas of focus will include:

  A. Worship

  1. Share preaching and teaching the Word of God. The Ministry Assistant will preach at least once a month. Ministry Assistant may occasionally be asked to preach more than once a month in special circumstances (e.g. The Senior Pastor has a memorial service to lead and so asks Ministry assistant to preach on Sunday.)
  2. Lead worship in the absence of the Senior pastor.
  3. The Ministry Assistant will be available at least one Sunday per month.

  B. Christian Education

  1. Share in leading mid-week Bible studies.
  2. Help Confirmation at the request of Senior Pastor.
  3. Lead, occasionally, Sunday morning Spiritual Growth Forums.

  C. Pastoral Care

  1. Provide pastoral care, in conjunction with other staff, committees, and member care-givers through visitation, counseling and prayer.
  2. Identify and make appropriate referrals when necessary and quickly respond to crisis situations which arise in the congregation.
  3. Assist in managing a communion home visitation ministry.
  4. Coordinate with the Senior Pastor the regular visitation of hospitalized members.
  5. Be on-call when Senior Pastor is not available.

  D. General Pastoral Ministry

  1. Work with other members of the staff for cooperation, coordination and communication.
  2. Assist and support the Senior Pastor and other staff in working together as a ministry team.
  3. Assist in organizing churchwide events.

Qualifications and Requirements1.

  1. Although ordination or ELCA Rostered Minister status is not required, the Ministry Assistant will have completed a relevant college-level course work in History, Political Science, Religion, Theology, including Lutheran theology, and Bible Studies.
  2. The Ministry Assistant will be able to point to positive experiences in volunteer or paid church positions and a thorough understanding of Pastoral Ministry.
  3. Reliable transportation is required. Mileage will be reimbursed per IRS rules. Must be able to provide documentation of eligibility to work in the State of California.

Hours and Compensation:

This is a non-exempt hourly position. The Ministry Assistant will work an average of 20 hours a week, but some weeks may be more and some less depending upon the activities of that week. While the Ministry Assistant has some flexibility to set a schedule, some office hours are required. The Ministry Assistant’s schedule must be discussed and approved by the Senior Pastor. A time sheet should be kept, approved by the Senior Pastor, and turned into the church bookkeeper according to the payroll schedule.

Vacation and sick days:

This an hourly position, non-exempt from overtime, with no paid time off for personal/vacation. The Ministry Assistant position is eligible for paid sick leave at the rate of one hour per every 30 hours worked, in accordance with current CA Labor Commission.


Reports to the Senior Pastor. Perform the duties of the job as required in the Employment Agreement and requested by the Senior Pastor. Turn in a weekly time sheet with a brief description of duties accomplished. Punctuality and attendance are required. Initial review/evaluation conversations will take place at the end of 30 days. The Ministry Assistant will take daily direction from and report to the Senior Pastor, and ultimately report to the Congregational Council.



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