The Holy Trinity Choir

“…I Love to sing!

The Holy Trinity Choir has a reputation as an outstanding choral group. They have been blessed with some of the best choral directors leading the charge and the talented vocalists have risen to the challenges of change and growth. They are also fortunate to be faithfully accompanied by a gifted musician, Virginia Walters.

One might ask what prompts someone to give up every Thursday evening for rehearsal as well as rise early to rehearse and sing Sunday morning on a consistent basis.

Our choir director, Elmer Heerema, decided to put the question to the group and the responses were quick and always positive. Many of the responses referred to the blessing of sharing the Word of God with others in song.

Sue Smits mentioned the “blessing and gift” of music and Roger Walters spoke of “being able to sing to the glory of God.” Ron Borgwardt said, “…my voice is my instrument and singing to the Lord is my joy and worship.” These were sentiments spoken over and over. Pam Alexander echoed them, adding …”it’s lots of fun!”

Some cited the history of their family connection to choir. Darin Erickson cited his father’s influence on his joining choir and that he has been blessed by his two sons continuing this tradition.

“Choir keeps me in touch with my roots.” says Linette Angelastro.

I, Marty McCambridge, know my parents, Jiggs and Mae Crump, were both musical and I have been in choir since I was very small. One special Christmas I was in the adult choir. The Cherub Choir was brought up to sing along with the big choir. It is always a wonderful sensation to join voices and sing favorite carols. I shared the moment with sweet little cherubs who searched the crowd for their parent’s faces and gave them that little wave of joy when they found them. I happened to look up and caught my mother’s face grinning ear to ear as she watched her own cherub sing. I cannot express the joy I felt at that juxtaposition of my being the child being watched by her mommy. Yes, I gave her that little wave of joy. I now remember it fondly as she has since gone on to sing in the Lord’s choir.

Some mentioned that singing is a form of prayer or meditation. And it was noted that if the piece is an especially difficult one, “…there is a lot of praying going on.”

There’s evidence to suggest that singing can play a role in sustaining a healthy immune system by reducing the stress hormone cortisol and boosting the immunoglobin A antibody.

We pray you find the same joy in listening as we do in singing the praises each Sunday. And if you feel so moved, we hope you would consider joining us. New members of all levels are always welcome. Elmer Heerema is a patient and kind director while pulling from us our very best each week. You will learn. You will become a better musician and you will become a part of this choral family.

Why do it? Ron’s comment says it all, “…I Love to sing!”