General Understanding and Covenants:

Under the leadership of the clergy, the Employee works as an assistant and aide in the ministry that reaches out to all members of the congregation and the members of the wider community who may interact with the congregation, particularly in the area of sound and visuals used in worship or other activities in the life of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

The vision of this position will be to provide help and support for the audio and visual components of worship activities at Holy Trinity and so that people can clearly hear and see in order to better connect with Good News of Jesus Christ.

Employee’s Responsibilities and Areas of Focus:

  • Working knowledge of soundboard…some training can be provided
  • Working knowledge of computer and PowerPoint
  • Preferable to have knowledge of installing electronics and sound systems
  • Able to troubleshoot issues with equipment
  • Set-up and take down, and sound check for 9:30am praise band is a big part of the morning
  • Text with praise band on Sunday morning to coordinate 9:30am set up
  • Communicating and coordinating with worship staff: organist, choir director, praise band director and members, chorister director, and pastors
  • Helping pastors with their mics… making sure that they are turned on and off at appropriate times
  • Making sure all mics are operational and in good working order for Sunday mornings and other events, this includes checking that batteries are new and the re-chargeable batteries are charged
  • Supervision and training of AV Techs
  • Basic working knowledge of Assisted Hearing Devices… must keep them charged and in working order and be able to assist those who might need them
  • Record the worship digitally and post to podcast website (podbean.com)
  • Knowledge of how to build and repair cable (XLR and “Speak on”) is helpful


  • Keep the schedule for AV Techs to make sure all events are covered.
  • Communicate this schedule to the Church Office Manager and Praise Band Leaders
  • Train AV Techs
  • Communication with the Pastors, staff, volunteers and church members

Hours and Compensation:

The AV Director will arrive at 7:30am and leave at 12:15pm for an average of 4.75 hours a week on a Sunday. Extra hours may be requested for memorials, funerals, congregational meetings or other congregational activities. The AV Director will have the first right of refusal to staff such events, then AV techs will be contacted if necessary. A time card should be kept and turned into the church bookkeeper according to the payroll schedule. The rate of pay is $16-$18 based on expertise and experience.

In accordance with CA state law, hourly employees who work more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week are eligible for overtime at a rate of one and a half time his or her regular rate of pay. In the event that overtime is necessary, the employee must receive written approval from the Senior Pastor prior to working more than 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week.

Vacation and sick days:

This an hourly position so there is no paid time off for personal/vacation time. However, you are eligible for paid sick leave at the rate of one hour per every 30 hours worked, in accordance with current CA Labor Commission. Paid sick days are limited to 24 hours or three days in each year of employment.

The expectation is that the employee will be present every Sunday throughout the year. Four Sundays may be taken off but employee needs to make sure the soundboard is still covered. If the employee needs to be gone on a Sunday the employee will let the employer know and make arrangements so that tasks can still be accomplished by volunteers or other employees.

The church office is closed on federal holidays.
Employee is advised that should they look to receive unemployment from the state of Californian, they may be deemed ineligible due to the fact that the Church does not pay into unemployment due to its status as an exempt entity due to its being a religious, non-profit organization.


Function under the direction of the Senior Pastor, worship committee and council. Perform the duties of the job as required in the Employment Agreement. Communicate coming in late, leaving early and taking time-off in a timely manner to the Pastors so that they can coordinate covering the office or let the congregation know that the office will be closed. Emergency situations are understood.

Initial review/evaluation conversations will take place at the end of 60 & 90 days, and then annually or more frequently, if requested. The AV Director will receive feedback and input from Worship Ministry Team and will take daily direction from and report to the Senior Pastor, and ultimately report to the Congregational Council.

Email your resume to Mrs. J. Franken.