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Sermon for November 26

Sermon for November 26

By Nov 21, 2017

choosing path

Today's Sermon: Given by Pastor Elizabeth Nees

The sermon this Sunday November 26 will be given by Pastor Elizabeth Nees. You can hear her message at the 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00am service.

Spiritual Growth Forum
The Spiritual Growth Forum Sunday November 26 at 9:30am is titled “Humans in Space” and will be led by Dr. Katie Mack, theoretical astrophysicist (Carol & Joe Mack’s daughter). Traveling to Mars (and potentially further) is a goal actively pursued by space agencies and private companies, but what would it really take? What are the challenges, and who should go? She’ll talk about some of the difficulties of long-term space travel and what problems humanity needs to solve to successfully travel to, land, and live on Mars.