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Sermon for November 5

Sermon for November 5

By Nov 02, 2017


Today's Sermon: Given by Pastor Elizabeth Nees

The sermon this Sunday November 5 will be given by Pastor Elizabeth Nees. You can hear her message at the 8:00, 9:30, or 11:00am service.

Spiritual Growth Forum
The Spiritual Growth Forum Sunday November 5 at 9:30am is titled “Christians and Islam.” Did you know that Muslims believe that Jesus was one of the greatest prophets sent to humankind? Did you also know that Muslims believe that Jesus was conceived without a father and that Muslims hold his mother, Mary, in the highest regard? These are some of the many things that this film addresses. It shows the many similarities and the few differences between these two faiths. Join us for this 30 minute film followed by conversation with input from a few Holy trinity members who took part in an event sponsored by the Islamic Center in Newbury Park.