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Sermon for October 15

Sermon for October 15

By Oct 13, 2017

Light on a Hill

Today's Sermon: "Why Would You Turn Down Such an Invitation?"

Pastor Erik GoehnerThe sermon this Sunday October 15 will be given by Pastor Erik Goehner and is titled “Why Would You Turn Down Such an Invitation?”. You can hear his message at the 8:00, 9:30 or 11:00am service.

Spiritual Growth Forum
Sunday October 15 at 9:30am the Spiritual Growth Forum will be “Living With Chronic Disease.” Brenda Tubbs will tell her story of living with diabetes, blindness and pain and how her faith life has been impacted by those realities in her life. We hope others will share their stories about themselves or those they know who live with disease. Join us to share and be inspired by these stories.