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Sermon for April 23

Sermon for April 23

By Apr 20, 2017

Light on a Hill

Today's Sermon: "Scars can Bring us Together"

Pastor Erik GoehnerThe sermon for Sunday April 23 is titled “Scars can Bring us Together” and will be given by our Senior Pastor Erik Goehner. You can hear his message at the 8:15AM, 9:45AM or 11:00AM service.

Spiritual Growth Forum
The Spiritual Growth Forum this Sunday April 23 is titled “Religious Diversity in America in the Nineteenth Century: A Reflection of the Free Marketplace” (Session 7 of the Video Series: “The American Protestant Experience”)  Host: Dr. A. Joseph Everson. We will view the 25 minute video and reflect on several of the religious groups that emerged during the years from l800-1900, including:  The “Holiness Movement”, John Wesley and the Methodists, the Campbellites and the growth of the Baptist tradition, the AME (African Methodist tradition), the Shakers, Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy and the “Four Square Gospel” movement, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Millerites, the Mennonites, and Joseph Smith and the Mormons, all taking root in the nineteenth century in north America.