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Sermon for January 1

Sermon for January 1

By Dec 29, 2016

Advent 4th Sun

Today's Sermon: "The Visit of the Wise Men"

Pastor Erik GoehnerJoin us for a One Worship Sunday at 11:00AM Sunday January 1, 2017!
The sermon this Sunday January 1 is titled “A Visit of the Wise Men -Meditating on the Scripture” led by Pastor Erik Goehner. You can hear his message New Year’s Day at the One Worship time of 11:00AM.

Spiritual Growth Forum
No Spiritual Growth Forum Sunday January 1. The Spiritual Growth Forum will resume Sunday January 8 at 9:45AM in the Fireside Room. The topic this Sunday is “Money: The Joy of Sharing”. Shane Claiborne, an activist, and author, and the founder of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner-city Philadelphia, asks us in his video presentation to look beyond -isms and -ologies to see financial generosity as a kingdom call, rather than a social problem.