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Holy Trinity’s Spiritual Growth Adult Forums

Holy Trinity’s Spiritual Growth Adult Forums

By Jun 02, 2015

What is a Spiritual Growth Adult Forum?

AdultForumHTLCOn any given Sunday, during the 9:45 worship service and sometimes repeating again at 11:00, educational forums are held in the Fireside Room, (the center of the long large building at the north side of the campus).

The Spiritual Growth ministry’s goal is to provide opportunities for members to continue their faith growth in a small group setting.  All are welcome!  Topics vary widely, from specific Bible study topics to health issues to…cosmic issues such as black holes!  There are many different guest speakers with specific professional backgrounds, and there is always something interesting –  you can find each week’s topic on the web home page or in each month’s Tempo Newsletter.

DSC_0006Often times there are breakfast pastries available, and there are always donuts from the hospitality patio as well as coffee or tea.  Sometimes the room appears rather full and there may be no visible chairs but step right in and someone will help you grab an extra chair from the side.

Topics for the 2014-15 church year included:  “Hope in a War Weary World: Themes of Hope from the Prophetic Book of Isaiah” (a 3-part series by Joe Everson), “Living the Questions: Call to Covenant”, and a 6-week book study for “Making Sense of the Christian Faith” by David Lose.

Former Interim Pastor Jim Bessey leads a forum

Former Interim Pastor Jim Bessey leads a forum

Health forums are a popular topic, and recent sessions were “Exploring Forgiveness: Is It Ever Christian to Withhold it?”, “Scams Against Seniors”, “Medical Issues at the End of Life”, and “Complementary and Alternative Medicine: What You Should Know.”

DSC_0022Outreach is a very important forum category – in the last year participants learned about mentoring foster children, Villa Esperanza’s program supporting individuals with disabilities, and there are topics relating to poverty and hunger.

Interesting historical forums included a drama on the Salem Witch Trials, and Martin Luther on War and Peace; as well as the Origins of Isis and the world of the Middle East.

These are just some of the many forums from the past year – you can find upcoming listings in the church’s bulletin, and the upcoming Sunday forum on the home page of this website.  We hope to see you there soon!