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By Feb 06, 2014


Meet our church council members

Holy Trinity Church Council is led by the Executive Council team consisting of President (Rob Hill), Vice President (Stacey Swanson), Treasurer (Todd Ekenstam), and Secretary (Kerri Levine).  The pastors are also part of the Executive Council.  This group meets once a month in the Church Library in preparation for the full group Council meeting the following week.

Pictured above left to right:  Pastor Erik, Tim Heyne, Kerri Levine, Todd Ekenstam, Carol Mack, Rob Hill, Chris Erickson, and Honey Tree Director Sherri Schuler.  (Not pictured: Dale Adrion, Rose Egertson, Gary Gitch, and youth representative Cameron K.)

In addition to their monthly sessions, Council leaders hold regular Congregational Meetings so that the entire congregation can vote on important matters such as the annual budget and building programs.


Rose leads a congregational workshop

Minutes from our Church Council and Ministries teams can be found here at this Council Meeting Minutes link.