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Our Sister Congregation

Our Sister Congregation

By Dec 08, 2013

Sister Congregation

Espiritu de Gozo "Spirit of Joy" in El Salvador brings joy to Holy Trinity!

Holy Trinity has been a supporter of a Lutheran congregation in El Salvador since 2008. HTLC helped to build the church and has supported various additions to the building each year. Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church (or in Spanish, Espiritu de Gozo) is located in Brisas del Valle in El Salvador. The main pastors are Pastor Matias Rivera and Pastor Martina Rivera. Holy Trinity was instrumental in bringing Pastor Martina Arevalo de Bonilla to the United States to visit.

We have officially entered the Sister Relationship with them as of July 2013, with our signed covnenant agreeing to support each other through prayer, fellowship and financial support.  Our members have visited El Salvador many times, bringing back stories, experiences and special gifts to share with the congregation.

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards made by the Spirit of Joy Sunday School students

A team meets monthly, led by Sheri Groenveld.  Updates include a Pen-Pal program between the two Sunday schools.  Holy Trinity received Christmas cards made by the children from Spirit of Joy.  Fundraising is moving along for the building of an outside activity area and basketball court, providing a wonderful area for their youth to spend time.  More donations are needed to achieve this dream.  Our “Loose Change” jar and Sunday School “Joy Jar” donations go toward this fund.

Additional Sunday school Sister Congregation plans include a special lesson on El Salvador, and a “Sister Sunday” event.

Holy Trinity members visiting Spirit of Joy in 2013

Holy Trinity members visiting Spirit of Joy in 2013

We look forward to living into our ministry with our Sister congregation in the future!

If you missed our visit from Christian Chevarria, who has been instrumental in all our mission work in El Salvador, you can watch some video footage of his presentation.  Christian shared his incredibly riveting and inspiring story of survival and faith, his work including artwork commissioned for the Pope, and his dreams for helping others.  Donations to help Christian help others in El Salvador, can be made here.