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Our Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry

By Sep 07, 2013

Sunday school

Learn about our Faith Quest Sunday School Program

A Whole Church Ministry Disguised as a Children’s Program

Faith Quest Overview and Theme
Holy Trinity’s Sunday school program is “Faith Quest,” where children will be given the opportunity to explore their faith and the Bible in new and exciting ways.  We have chosen the color orange as part of our theme to show that our program embraces the love of the family (red) combined with the Light of the Lord (yellow) to make orange.  Working closely with Vibrant Faith, we are a welcoming ministry where all children are accepted and encouraged to participate.

Welcoming and Opening
This year, our Sunday School children will come together for a welcome and opening in the Fellowship hall.  Our Welcome Celebration will start at 9:30.  During the Welcome Celebration we will sing songs, celebrate birthdays, share joys, and pray together.  After our Welcome Celebration, classes will be dismissed with their class “Shepherds” at 9:45.  Parents and caregivers are able to volunteer in the classroom, or attend the 9:45 service.

Discovery Center (Nursery – ages 0-3)
Our youngest children have their own special classroom where they have the opportunity to explore their world in a nurturing and supportive environment.  Children have the opportunity to play, make friends, sing songs, and learn Bible stories.  Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to bring their children to the Welcome Celebration and then take them to the Discovery Nursery.

Explorers (Preschool – age 3-5)
Preschool children participate in the morning opening program and then go to their classroom for a special time to learn, sing songs, play games, and create crafts.  Classes are lead by “Shepherds” who lead classroom activities every week.

Adventurers (Kindergarten -5th Grade – Rotation Model)
The Adventures program is divided into three classes: 1) Kindergarten – first grade, 2) Second – third grade, and 3) Fourth-fifth grade.  (Sixth graders will join the middle school youth program.)

  • After the opening program, Adventurers go to their classrooms with their “Shepherds.”
  • Children focus on a story/theme different ways for three weeks through workshops.
  • Workshop leaders will rotate to the different classes and teach the same lesson for three weeks using their unique talents.
  • Children will enjoy the varied activities (art, music, drama, writing, cooking, puppetry etc.)
  • The schedule will be posted so children can look forward to attending the following weeks.
  • Workshop leaders may teach for one session, or teach for several sessions.
  • The Shepherds’ role is to build provide community, warmth, and welcome for children and help for the Workshop Leaders.

Worshiping Together

Children will be brought by their Shepherds to the Sanctuary to join worship at the end of Church.  During this time, they may sit with their families.  Additionally, at the end of the three week rotation, Adventurers will have the opportunity to share what they have learned and created during the 9:45 worship service.