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By Sep 07, 2011

Communion bread

Preparing the house of the Lord

It’s our month to serve on the Altar Guild.  My wife Ann and I usually get up early Saturday morning but today we only have enough time to get the dogs outside, brew a pot of coffee and head over to the Sanctuary by 8 AM.

We arrive with greeted smiles from Chris and his daughters there to help prepare for Sunday’s service.  Even though our members serve once or twice a year for a month, Chris is there every week helping out wherever he can.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAChris starts first by replacing the eternal candle.  One of his girls gets to blow out last week’s candle and his other girl gets to light this week’s candle.  His eldest then goes and finds Sunday’s Gospel reading in the Bible and marks the passage carefully with a post-it note.

We pretty much have a routine and understanding of what gets done amongst us, but we still use the checklist to make sure we don’t miss anything.  In all, there are 12 tasks that need to get done on Saturday, but we manage to get out by nine so his girls can make it to soccer later that morning.DSC_0024

It is rare to find men in the Altar Guild and I have to agree with him that faithfully serving the Lord each week goes beyond gender.  For it was Christ who called us in the preparation of his Altar so that it would be a suitable place for the offering of his Body and Blood.

Even though the preparation of the Sanctuary is sometimes routine, our ministry is there so that people are blessed by its use and drawn closer to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


The altar is decorated for special seasons…

I invite you to listen and hear Christ’s calling. Both men and women are invited.  Please leave your name and e-mail/phone number below if you hear the calling too!

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