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Our Holy Trinity Mission Prayer Partners

Our Holy Trinity Mission Prayer Partners

By Mar 06, 2005

Missionary Families During Lent “Gathered by God’s Grace” is our Lenten theme this year at Holy Trinity as we emphasize our oneness with God’s children throughout the world. The lands we will focus on during our Wednesday nights of soup suppers and worship will be Tanzania, Japan, Kenya, Slovakia, Norway, and Germany.

As we mark Christ’s journey to the cross, we also give thanks for the Holy Spirit’s sustaining of the Church, here and around the globe, and pray that those in mission in far away lands will be blessed. Yet, as any “missionary” past or present will tell you, his/her desire is not only for the rest of us to pray for missionary families, but also for the work of the indigenous church and its national leaders and workers.

We encourage you to attend each Wednesday night supper and/or worship. Read your bulletins carefully; take them home to be able to pray more intimately for these missionary families.

We also need to remember that this same Spirit abides with us here, at Holy Trinity, enabling us to be at mission in our own families and communities. Let us pray that we will respond to the call and that our efforts, too, will be blessed.
God bless our Lenten journey together.

— IlaJean Kragthorpe