Looking to the Light 

Looking to the Light 

Looking to the Light 

Matthew 2:1-12

Have you ever been camping before and felt an odd pull to get closer to the campfire?  Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night and immediately noticed that sliver of light coming from a street lamp or a night light that’s coming from another room?  What is it that seems to attract us to sources of light?  Is it a sense of safety?  A feeling of being guided?  A feeling of warmth?  The ability to better make out our surroundings?

In the Bible there are some Magi from the East who are attracted by the light of a star.  They are not sure where exactly it might be leading them, but they are astrologers who are used to tracking the stars and they know this one is special.  So they set out to see where it might lead them.  Perhaps they are not only looking for a physical light as they go.  Maybe they are also looking for a spiritual light that will illuminate some inner truth they are seeking as well.

The Magi end up finding Mary and Joseph and Jesus.  Somehow they are convinced that the star has led them to this family.  Somehow they associate Jesus with the light and so they offer him the gifts they have brought.  We don’t know what happens after the Magi leave Jesus and his family, however, I have to think they were eager to tell their fellow astrologers back home what they had found.  It seems that they would have been excited to reveal to others that their journey had discovered something—that the light had indeed guided them to a special child.

Are we ever eager to share where God has led us? If someone asked us why we have been attracted to the light of Christ what would we say?  Would we say because we feel that the way of Jesus is a guide for our lives?  Would we say because our relationship with Christ creates a feeling of inner warmth or draws us into the safety of God’s arms? Does the light of Christ help bring clarity to lives so that we can better make out our surroundings and how we are to respond to them?

-Pastor Erik Goehner