We are so glad you’re interested in exploring your faith at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. Faith can be a constant and a comfort in our lives, one that grounds us in God’s care. The church is meant to be God’s gift to us for growing in faith and deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ. This growth happens as we pray, learn, serve, and share our lives together. Check out our MINISTRIES.

You might think of the church as a “gym for the soul,” where you come to give your spirit a workout. Like an actual gym, however, the point is not just to hang around the weights and treadmills. People work out to improve their health and attitude for their lives outside the gym. Athletes train to stay fit and excel on the playing field. At church, we practice what it means to follow Jesus to better live out our faith and make a difference in the world. Check out our CAUSES.

Holy Trinity is a place that engages every age and life stage with the good news of the Gospel. We believe everyone has gifts to share. As author Rich Melheim puts it, these gifts range “from the wisdom of the elder, to the wonder of the child.” At Holy Trinity, we strive to be open to a diversity of backgrounds and viewpoints as we welcome people wherever they might be on their individual spiritual journey. As pastors and people at Holy Trinity, we seek to encourage one another to grown and become followers of Jesus Christ, every day, everywhere. We Trust that God will continue to love us even when we make mistakes sometimes. We hope your life is rich with blessings, and we invite you to join us at Holy Trinity!


To nurture Christ-centered lives that reflect God’s love and grace in our local and global communities


Shortly after we joined Holy Trinity, we were asked to support the homeless ministry of the church every Monday night, providing a hot meal and a safe warm sleeping place. That ministry has lasted over 20 years and it is still actively supported. Our members now support a mission in El Salvador and provide tutoring for local children. Every Sunday, whether its music or ushers, coffee or communion, it is provided by a volunteer. The list goes on, we have an active, involved congregation that is strongly supported by our pastors. This is why I am a member of Holy Trinity.

Testimonial Roger Stephenson
Roger Stephenson